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Sustenance is the word we all yearn

Politician, for power and influence

Capitalist, for riches and opulence

And people, only for independence


I belong not to the dynasty but I care

With emptiness in mind I stare

Is there someone who dares

A man of substance with a candle that flares


What is mine today will it be mine tomorrow

What I desire today will it be a desire tomorrow

My possession is poverty and I desire prosperity

I crave for stillness and simplicity


My concerns engage me forever

A desire for change and a conflict with power

Is it a change that I desire, or do I change my desire

Who will bare my ignorance and rid me of my innocence

I want this planet in balance; this is what I call sustenance


At the end of the tunnel is a funnel of prosperity

In spite of inequality, diversity and poverty

At the end of the tunnel is a funnel of luminosity

Taking care of ambiguity, anonymity and audacity



  1. “My possession is poverty and I desire prosperity … At the end of the tunnel is a funnel of prosperity … At the end of the tunnel is a funnel of luminosity taking care of ambiguity, anonymity and audacity.” These are phrases that I empathize completely. After thirty years, I am moving into the cloud to qualify for a freelance job and make my way in the midst of a world that I’m discovering, just over a month ago. But the greatest poverty has to do with the vision of ourselves and how a new beginning can enrich us as people intellectual level, self-esteem and as a result will improve our economic status. But this goal requires effort and tenacity because as you reach the goal, the greater the darkness is observed that the light at the end of the tunnel. Criz (“Mi posesión es la pobreza y deseo prosperidad… Al final del túnel es un embudo de prosperidad… A pesar de la desigualdad, la diversidad y la pobreza.” Estas son frases en las que me identifico por completo. Después de treinta años, estoy incursionando en la nube para optar a un trabajo freelance y abrirme paso en medio de un mundo que estoy descubriendo, tan sólo hace más de un mes. Pero, la mayor pobreza tiene que ver con la visión de nosotros mismos y del cómo un nuevo comienzo puede enriquecernos como personas a nivel intelectual, a nivel de autoestima y como consecuencia deberá mejorar nuestro nivel económico. Pero, tal objetivo requiere de esfuerzo y tenacidad porque mientras se llega a la meta, mayor es la oscuridad que se observa que la luz al final del túnel. Criz)

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    • mikerana says:

      Thank you for being of the same opinion .. This poem appeared in one of my books a wonderful world .. It was published by a conventional publication and sold 300 copies .. The situation is the same today and willremain the same forever .. I guess


  2. girlandworld says:

    So true each word of it

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