#Fingertip Workshop – 7 Tips for Social Nets that u can’t ignore


Bring your laptop or smart phone for

Merging your real life with the virtual life on the social networks


in the workshop on optimizing your Time & Reach

When my teenage networking wizard explained to me that facebook is all that you need on the internet, I sighed a breath of relief. But when my colleagues and friends bombarded me with mails on gmail, linkedin, yahoo and Google+, I knew that something was wrong somewhere.  And I was stumped clean when my business partners expected me to interact with their clients on the ACCESS based CRM services.

This is when I started being serious about internet. And the result is that I found answers to some intriguing questions.

  1. Corporate wants the the net for sales and marketing access
  2. Job-seekers and job-givers, flock on to linkedin
  3. Housewives and women prefer the whatsapp and facebook
  4. Entrepreneurs waste all their time designing and posting facebook pages
  5. Vanity seeking females need the facebook photography support almost badly
  6. Individuals return to the net for social interaction

How does it feel when your focus shifts from

  • The Real to Virtual world
  • Truth to falsehood
  • A few to Many friends
  • Liking something that we really do not like, and hundreds of times in a day!

How do we tackle the new intensity of

  • Happiness and elation acquired through euphemism
  • Depression
  • Business debauchery
  • Photographs and albums

More important than learning the tabs and options on Facebook, is to ensure that one person does not appear in your address books at many places and in different personas. You must ensure that photos are not duplicated, and the comments and invites are not repeated. You must not become a victim to euphemism.

What does all that lead to ?

If you need to find answers to these catastrophes, you have two options;

  • One to spend millions of hours on the network to get used to this mess and put your real life and family into the muck,
  • Or secondly and preferably have a bloke who has burnt his fingers keep you away from the fire.

For the second option, I am here to serve all to you on platter.


How are these different and why, and when and where you should each one



  • Facebook, Stumble upon, My Space, Live Journal
  • Twitter, Linkedin
  • Google, Google +, Yahoo
  • Blogger, WordPress sites
  • Pinterest, Tumbler, Picasa

Is there a difference between the address books of

  • Outlook
  • Gmail
  • Linkedin and Yahoo

When to use the features like, and how

  • Status
  • Interactive comments
  • Adjusting Security

Which application is better for

  • Floating your Photos (Facebook, Google, Tumbler, Pinterest etc
  • Event management on Google and Facebook (in both cases the other side must be a member)
  • Google docs and forms
  • Notes, attachments and files

Why do we need the following and what is hidden behind them

  • Categories and Tags
  • Lists versus Groups
  • Posts and Pages
  • Cross connections and Sharing

How to

  • manage thousands of contacts, friends, connection by spending just 2 hours a day
  • save your time in the virtual world and use it on the real world
  • return to your real relationships and convert the virtual relationships to real
  • bring your lap-top or smart phone to get things done on the spot
  • Don’t you think you need to attend, mention it here

A half/full day seminar in Gurgaon Rs 1100 per participant, at your chosen time and place